Wowmom Un-covered: The brains behind Wowmom, Alexandra Dickson Leach

Meet Alexandra Dickson Leach, mom of 3 and the creative mind behind Wowmom. Alex was born and grew up in Hong Kong. In 2004, following the birth of her first child, Alex, she founded Bloom & Grow which handpicks the best in award-winning international baby and maternity brands for distribution in Asia. Starting with a team of 2, Bloom & Grow has since expanded to 7 countries and has over 150 staff.

1. What was your inspiration behind Wowmom? 

We came up with the Wowmom brand a few years ago in China - our idea was to be able to showcase our brands that we distribute to their maximum advantage. As our business and industry trends have evolved,  we are now able to execute this more effectively. We have access to some of the most amazing products and brands from all over the world - we can’t distribute them all but we can create a platform where brands can list on their products and we can bring these amazing concepts to parents all over SEAsia, Hong Kong and China.

2. How do you balance your career and motherhood? 

Not very well… I try to be as even handed as possible but there are absolute lines that cannot be missed with my children and work also has many obligations - so it is a big juggle and I have a lot of air miles!

3. What motivates you to get out of bed every morning? 

I love seeing ideas we have come to fruition - delivering great sales and watching brands grow in the markets we work in - as well as of course my alarm clock.

4. If you had one parenting tip to share, what would it be? 

This is hard - I think for me it was knowing nothing would last forever so however bad a phase can be it will pass  - and nothing stays the same so try to enjoy it all. I think my biggest expertise is on traveling on planes with children but that is reams of advice - perhaps a blog article one day!

5. What is your favourite maternity or baby product on Wowmom?

The Theraline cushion - a game changer forever and can be used long after you are pregnant…

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